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The short film of the 2015 festival, winner of the Laus d'Or

Tragedy, the song of the goat, winner of the Laus d'Or 2016

The short film presentation from the 24th Temporada Alta festival explains, with sensitivity and a strong poetic tone, how theatre was born more than 2,500 years ago with a story that takes place in present-day Greece. Given that Greece and culture are facing such difficult times, we seek to reclaim Greece and to reclaim the culture.

With a certain nostalgia, a grandfather explains both the origins of Greek tragedy and the origins of our culture. With a mythical and timeless tale which invites silence, the short film reflects on the tragic distance between Ancient Greece, the mother of all European cultures, and the Greece of today, punished by Europe and which seems to have forgotten the main strands of its cultural origins. But this man reminds us, with difficulty, where we are and where we come from, demonstrating that there is still a place for the hope of a future renaissance. To return to the birth, one must recognise the dark, one must be willing to die, a visual metaphor about life and death that is repeated throughout the story.

The short film of the festival aims to mirror Temporada Alta as a protective bastion for the human values and attitude that has led us along the path of knowledge from the beginnings of the theatre. It is our Tragedy, the root of everything.

The documentary, which was filmed entirely with 20 citizens from the area between the 1st and 7th August in Greece and Albania, is aimed at a wide audience, and although the original language is Greek, the short film will be subtitled in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Production: Nanouk Films
Direction: SS (Salvador Sunyer and Sergi Cameron)
Production Design: Victor Santacana
Director of Photography: Miguel Martínez Miró
OST: Diego Pedragosa and Sergi Cameron
Sound Design: Marcus Bech (Coser y Cantar)
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