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The ONE Project

An initiative that unites cinema and the performing arts

We present The ONE Project, an innovative initiative promoted by Temporada Alta, Arts Santa Mònica and Nanouk Films which unites the worlds of cinema and the performing arts.

From the stage to the screen

Every year Temporada Alta will choose a stage director as guest artist, present one of their shows at the festival and encourage them to make a short film.

Nanouk Films, led by director Salvador Sunyer Vidal, will provide the necessary technical and professional support to produce the film. 

The resulting short film will always premiere at Arts Santa Mònica during Temporada Alta festival, after which it will begin a tour of the world’s cinema and short-film festivals. The film will also be disseminated through VOD (video on demand), on any local and international TV and all internet channels.

One year, one author

A project that is updated every season, with a new author each year. So, in each edition of the festival a new and exclusive unreleased short film will be shown.

A global project

Over the years, the creations will build a unique collection that can be released as a series, offering a glimpse of an era captured by the great names in the performing arts who have taken part in the festival.

The ONE Project: a unique artistic challenge


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