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Series at Temporada Alta


Connexió Iberoamèrica

Temporada Alta strengthens links with the Latin American scene with this fourth edition of a series that has made the festival into a major gateway for the most interesting Latin American productions in Europe. Authors, directors and actors who are already greatly admired by audiences will return and others who represent the latest in the commitment to quality and to artistic challenge in their respective countries will debut. This year, seven productions will be included from five companies and creators: the initial trilogy of the project La democracia en México 1965-2015 (Tijuana, Veracruz and Santiago Amoukalli) from Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol, Terrenal by Mauricio Kartun, La ira de Narciso by Sergio Blanco, Acceso from filmmaker Pablo Larraín and El solar - Primer álbum from Shaday Larios, Jomi Oligor and Xavier Bobés. This series is in collaboration with Iberescena.


Connexió Flandes

The festival's relationship with Flanders, one of the liveliest European artistic scenes, representing the creative avant-garde, is consolidated with the second edition of this series, which brings together the leading creators of Flemish theatre in all genres, such as Nicht Schlafen by Alain Platel, De Welwillenden directed by Guy Cassiers and Carrousel des moutons from D'irque & fien.


Cinema de temporada

The festival is collaborating with the Cinema Truffaut in Girona to screen productions by Catalan directors, which are regularly shown on the most challenging international exhibition circuits, often films of great artistic risk or in the avant-garde of the new film languages, recognised with awards and accolades, which can be either works of fiction or documentaries. This year the programme is made up of works such as La Propera Pell by Isa Campo and Isaki Lacuesta, Dead Slow Ahead directed by Mauro Herce, El Testament de la Rosa by Agustí Villaronga, La Pols by Lazarus Garcia, La Mort de Louis XIV by Albert Serra, La Substància from Lluís Galter and El Perdut by Christophe Farnarier.


IT Emergents

A collaborative project in which commitment is given to new creators who have come out of the classrooms of the Institut del Teatre, coordinated by the journalist Eduard Molner and co-organised with the Grec - Festival of Barcelona and Fira of Tàrrega. At Temporada Alta you can see productions Kohlhaas by the Ignífuga Company and Barcelona (contra la paret) directed by Lali Álvarez Garriga.  


El Planter

With the seal of quality specific to the festival, it offers entertainment for family audiences. Stage events chosen to stimulate the artistic sensibility of children; projects with added value, both for their artistic quality and for the diversity of genres and languages. Productions such as Pell de llarinté, cua de tiré, Concerts per a nadons, Funky, Funky, Superbleda, La gran A...ventura!, La llavor del foc, Renard o El llibre de les bèsties and El buit. Enriched programming with shows for all ages: the two concerts performed by the violinist Ara Malikian, CorroC, The best of Johnny, Concerto in tempo d’umore, inTarsi, Cirkopolis, Fair Play, Carrousel des moutons and El petit príncep.

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