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Stage director #2

Fabrice Murgia, an essential voice on today’s European stage and winner of the Silver Lion at the 2014 Venice Biennale for innovation in theatre

Born in Verviers (Belgium) in 1983, Fabrice Murgia studied at the Liège Drama Academy (ESACT - École supérieure d’acteurs) with Jacques Delcuvellerie and has worked as an actor in theatre, cinema and television.

He is currently focused on writing and directing theatre productions. He also manages the Artara Company, a group of video directors, artists and musicians who work together on contemporary creations with the aim of witnessing the world with the eyes and language of their generation.

In August 2014, Fabrice Murgia won the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale for innovation in theatre.


2009. Le Chagrin des Ogres, author and director

2011. LIFE:RESET / Chronique d’une ville épulsée, silent work

2011. Dieu est un DJ, adaptation of a text by Falk Richter

2012. Exils, creation that forms part of the European project ‘Villes en scène/Cities on stage’

2012. Les enfants de Jéhovah, author and director

2012. Ghost Road, author and director 

2014. Notre peur de n'être, author and director

2015. Children of Nowhere (Ghost Road 2)author and director, musical theater whose composition is provided by Dominique Pauwels

His theatre is rich in expressive and technological resources that he uses in an incisive and critical way to talk about the pathologies of today’s world


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