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The pleasure island

25 years wasting our time


The Pleasure Island is the audio-visual production we are using to present the Festival this year. It is a hybrid between an advertising spot, a short film, a video-clip and a meme. Temporada Alta and Nanouk films have once again joined forces to present this proposal as the shot from the startingpistol for this year’s Festival.


Year after year, the location where the spot is filmed has always played a role of the utmost importance: in 2015 Greece wasthe location chosen. This year, for 2016, it is the “Manhattan” of the Spanish coastline: Benidorm. The system for shooting the film has been very similar: anextremely small team, a great deal of fieldwork and a penetrating interaction with reality. The final aim was to produce a signature piece with high artistic content.

If last year the aim was to form a reflection on Europe, this year we have wanted to focus on our own country, whether that is Catalonia or Spain. The objective was to involve the regular audience, the artists and other cultural agents as stakeholders in the Festival so they all feel represented and in this waymanage to create its own identity through a medium, in this caseaudio-visual, which is truly universal.


The director says...

Pleasure Island or the Island of Games is where Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi’s famous character, ended up looking for endless fun.  The infinite roller coasters, the drinking and gambling were a wonder to all the children who had run away from home to escape their obligations at school. Little by little, absolutely relentlessly, they turned into donkeys. Eventually they were used as slaves, as the only thing they were good for was carrying rocks both day and night.

In contrast to other countries with more tradition, here at home -especially after the financial crisis- one has the feeling that culture has little more objective or justification other than being mere entertainment. It is just another sector of the leisure industry so you can disconnect and have a bit of fun. One has the feeling that it is taken for granted or that somehow that creativity, research or culture requiring a minimum of effort is a waste.

For this reason, as an explanation for Temporada Alta, this year we wanted to produce a spot with a powerful critical viewpoint which hopefully leads to a certain reflection on what we consider to be a major danger: to incorporate this thesis into the collective imagination whilst not forgetting that if there is one thing that both art and culture possess is that they give power to the people and they provide us with the tools necessary to construct what we are and what we will become.

If the culture of this land is to exist solely to disconnect and have a bit of fun and nothing else, then the Temporada Alta festival has failed miserably and we have spent the last 25 years wasting our time.

Salvador Sunyer i Vidal


Artistic infotmation

Created by SS

Director   Salvador Sunyer i Vidal
Script Salvador Sunyer and Victor Santacana

Production Designer  Victor Santacana
DOP Oriol Barcelona
Focus Puller Alicia Galiña

Line Producer Andrés Mellinas
Production Assistant Anna Meléndez
Account Manager Sandra Olalde
Copy review and Translator Francisca Torres

Editor Sergi Cameron

Assistant Editor Anna Meléndez

Sound Editor Diego Pedragosa - Iristudis
Sound Mix  Marc Bech - Coser y Cantar

Voice Actress Julie Nash
Graphic Design Tomeu Mulet

VFX Supervisor Bernat Fontanals
Color Correction Lluís Velamazán
DCP Raúl Busquets

Nanouk Films assistant Airam Rodríguez
Nanouk Films Central Commission Sergi Cameron, Ventura Durall, Salvador Sunyer

Special thanks Café Román, Exodo Rental, Acariciando el Aire, Terra Mítica, Mundomar, Aqualandia, Michele Catena, Benidorm Palace, Bitò Produccions i PlayGround

Music  La Leyenda del Beso - Intermedio
Composed by Reveriano Soutullo y Juan Vert
Performed by Orquesta Lírica de Madrid

Produced by Nanouk Films – 2016

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