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VAD. International Festival of Video and Digital Arts

Date and time

From 4th to 11th october 2012

VAD 1.0 is a special event, inspired by everything that has taken place since 2003, an exercise of memory in observing the present and looking towards the future. Number ten with a full stop in the middle (1.0) to represent the start of a new chapter.

This is our ten year anniversary. We think that it is an interesting time to look back at the journey made by some of the artists that have taken part, and to present their new works. These are works that use digital tools, that delve into audiovisual discourse via an intense dialogue with the visual arts, performing arts, music and architecture. Video graphic works, art installations, visual concerts, interactive spectacles, projects in public spaces…

Video and digital art return to places where we most expect to find them: the exhibition room at the Casa de Cultura and the auditorium and the Mercè Cultural Centre, in addition to other new features.

We are dedicating 1.0 to everyone that has made it possible to come this far, to the artists in this year's festival and to all those that aren't present, but who we hope are in the memories of everyone that has been here.



Organised by: Festival Vad

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