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Maduixa Teatre
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 08 December, 12:00
Saturday, 08 December, 17:00

9€ (7,44 + 1,56 IVA)


Show recommended for children aged 3 years above


ras! makes the audience the star of a cocktail of sensations

Following a long and very successful tour (that has seen theatres filled in festivals throughout Spain, France, Italy and Norway), the Valencian company, Maduixa Teatre, presents ras! at Temporada Alta. This interdisciplinary production combines theatre, dance and plastic arts.

Artistic information

  • Author and: Juan Pablo Mendiola
  • Cast: Lara Sanchis and Joan Santacreu
  • Voice-over: Alfred Picó
  • Choreography: Mamen Garcia
  • Creation of plastic arts: Patricia Barrachina
  • Music: Paco Gamelo
  • Set design: Maduixa Teatre
  • Costume design: Joan Miquel Reig
  • Lighting: Juan Pablo Mendiola
  • Photography: Jordi Pla
  • Video: Nirvana imatge
  • Production: Maduixa Teatre SL


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