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International Meeting for Booking Agents


23 november

In order to promote an exchange of projects, and facilitate the production and dissemination of productions, a meeting for international agents will be held in Girona and Salt as part of the activities at the Event Booking Agents Week. Temporada Alta aims to be an annual meeting point for the international and Catalan theatre sector.

The meeting will see various theatre directors and heads of Catalan and European festivals, alongside their respective artists, present projects in their design phase, or pre-production stage with their support, which could be of interest to other industry professionals. Temporada Alta is thus able to promote opportunities for co-productions, acting as an international springboard for different projects.

Following the first meeting in 2011, which focused on Catalan and French works, Temporada Alta is opening the event up to the whole of Europe. This year the meeting will feature proposals from some of the most prestigious institutions on the European theatre scene at present.

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