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Sílvia Munt
Rosa M. Sardà, Ramon Madaula, Nora Navas, Mar Ulldemolins
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 08 December, 21:00
Sunday, 09 December, 18:00

35,50€ (29,34 + 6,16 IVA)
22€ (18,18 + 3,82 IVA)
18€ (14,88 + 3,12 IVA)
9€ (7,44 + 1,56 IVA)

Duration1h 30min

The award-winning work by Shanley, directed by Sílvia Munt and interpreted by Ramon Madaula, Rosa Ma Sardà, Nora Navas and Mar Ulldemolins

Dubte addresses hard-hitting issues –paedophilia in the clergy, the intolerance of the church– in a complex thriller based on human prejudice and contradiction. Sílvia Munt directs Rosa Maria Sardà and Ramon Madaula in this disturbing drama.

Artistic information

  • Author: John Patrick Shanley
  • Translation: Joan Sellent
  • Direction: Sílvia Munt
  • Cast: Rosa Maria Sardà, Ramon Madaula, Nora Navas, Mar Ulldemolins
  • Set design: Carles Alfaro
  • Costume design: Berta Riera
  • Lighting design: Kiko Planas
  • Sound: Pepe Bel
  • Production: Bitò Produccions, Grec-Festival de Barcelona, Ramon Madaula, La Zona



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