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Un refugi indie

Pau Miró
La Fantàstica S.L / Temporada Alta / Sala Beckett - Obrador internacional de dramatúrgia
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 01 December, 21:00

18€ (14,88 + 3,12 IVA)

Duration1h 20min (approx.)

Pau Miró presents the second episode of his trilogy on generations after the success of Els Jugadors

Pau Miró, one of the most solid playwrights in current Catalan theatre, is the author of this dramatic fresco made up of three independent stories about young people with no future, which intermix and find a common link: the Indian, an enigmatic character who offers them a haven, a way out.

Artistic information

  • Text and direction: Pau Miró
  • Assistant director: Albert Arribes
  • Cast: Isaac Alcayde, Marta Ossó, Joan Solé, , Jordi Llovet, Andrea Trempat i Peter Vives
  • Performance space: Silvia Delagneau
  • Stage movement: Ricardo Salas
  • Production: La Fantàstica S.L and Temporada Alta 2012


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