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Baró d'Evel Cirk Cia
Blaï Mateu Trias / Camille Decourtye
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Sunday, 25 November, 18:00

24,50€ (20,25 + 4,25 IVA)

Duration1h 5min
Show almost without text

Baró d’Evel returns to Temporada Alta after the success of Le sort du dedans and Ï

Rationalising what happens has turned humans into the only animal that experiences delirium. Thus seeking to return to our animal state has become essential. The result: MAZÙT. Baró d’Evel, a benchmark of contemporary circus, returns to the festival, following their huge success with Ï and Le sort du dedans.

Artistic information

  • Authors and cast: Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias
  • Work together: Benoît Bonnemoison-Fitte, María Muñoz - Pep Ramis / Mal Pelo
  • Lighting design: Adèle Grépinet
  • Sound: Fanny Thollot
  • Costume design: Céline Sathal
  • Rythm work: Marc Miralta
  • Co-production: EL CANAL, Centre d’Arts Escèniques Salt/Girona, Mercat de les Flors, Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne, Centre Nacional de la rue, La Verrerie, pôle national des arts du cirque Llanguedoc-Roussillon i Festival Montpellier - Danse 2012

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