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Nueva Marinaleda

Ernesto Collado
Barbara Van Hoestenberghe
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Sunday, 25 November, 12:00
Sunday, 25 November, 18:00

15,50€ (12,81 + 2,69 IVA)

Duration1h (approx.)
Show in spanish and catalan

Ernesto Collado presents a world in which the 15M movement has triumphed

Following the amazing Vida de Lázaro, Ernesto Collado presents a new piece of utopian and surreal theatre: for a couple of hours we become the inhabitants of a self-governed community, in which the premises of the #15M revolution have come true.

Artistic information

  • Idea, direction and dramaturgy: Ernesto Collado
  • Creation and cast: Nicole Balm, Jordi Bover, Barbara Van Hoestenberghe and Ernesto Collado
  • Music: Barbara Van Hoestenberghe
  • Research and joint assistance for the script: Jordi Bover and Barbara Van Hoestenberghe
  • Lighting design:
  • Costume design: Liesbet Swings
  • Characterisation: Yolanda Biescas
  • Production: Eteri


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