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Concerto pour deux clowns

Les rois vagabonds
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 29 October, 18:00
New performances
Sunday, 29 October, 12:00

26€ / 16€

Forfet familiar: 72€ ( 2 adults + 2 nens fins a 12 anys)

Duration1 h 10 min
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Show for all audiences: Recommended from 8 years old


An acrobatic, musical and poetic performance to excite young and old

Music is just the starting point for a concert that turns into a poetic shambles thanks to two clowns: Les rois vagabonds. A show full of thrills, laughter, surprises and delight, which took the audience prize at the Avignon OFF festival 2013.


Artistic information in Catalan

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