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Solos Bach & Gould

Albert Quesada
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 24 November, 23:00

13€ (10,74 + 2,26 IVA)


Albert Quesada performs the Goldberg Variations by Bach interpreted by Gould

Two dancers have fallen into Glenn Gould’s interpretation of the Bach Goldberg Variations. In two consecutive solos, we will explore this historic recording, in which the choreographer Albert Quesada has added subtitles as remarks.

Artistic information

  • Choreography, video and sound: Albert Quesada
  • Adaptation: Federica Porello, Mireia de Querol, Petra Söör
  • Cast: Mireia de Querol and Albert Quesada
  • Music: Extracts from a recording by Glenn Gould of Bach's Goldberg Variations, 1955. Interview with Glenn Gloud on his last recording, in 1981, of the Goldberg Variations.
  • Production: Albert Quesada

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