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Striptease + Bomberos con grandes mangueras

Pere Faura
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 23 November, 23:00
New performances
Friday, 23 November, 21:00

13€ (10,74 + 2,26 IVA)

DurationStriptease 40min + Bomberos con grandes mangueras 15min

Pere Faura presents the cheekiest night of the Festival

Pere Faura, one of our most soughtafter performance artists, continues to deconstruct pornographic imagery and bring it closer to dance, with two pieces which have toured Europe. The vulgar and intellectual sides of stripping off.

Artistic information

  • Creation and direction: Pere Faura
  • Cast: Pere Faura and “Demi Moore”
  • Video: Pere Faura
  • Music: Carlos Jobim and Annie Lenox, mix Ivo Bol
  • Lighting design: Paul Schimmel and Pere Faura
  • Text: Judith Lynne Hanna, Dahlia Schweitzer and Ben Urish
  • Drama supervision: Jeroen Fabius
  • Production: Frascati Theater, Amsterdam


  • Choreography and interpretation: Pere Faura
  • Music: Vivaldi + actors “on fire”


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