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David Planas
Meritxell Yanes
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 11 November, 21:00
Saturday, 12 November, 21:00
Friday, 18 November, 21:00
Saturday, 19 November, 21:00
Friday, 02 December, 21:00
Saturday, 03 December, 21:00
New performances
Thursday, 17 November, 21:00
Thursday, 01 December, 21:00

18 €

Duration1 h 10 min

A work by Cristina Clemente in a very special spot: can Pagans de Celrà

Actors David Planas and Meritxell Yanes invite us to their home, the late nineteenth century building Can Pagans from Celrà, to tell us the story of two women. An experience for an audience of 25.

Artistic information


Autora: Cristina Clemente
Direcció: Víctor Muñoz i Calafell
Intèrprets: David Planas i Meritxell Yanes


Espai escènic: artestudi (David Faüchs i Fanny Espinet)
So: Salvador Garcia
Vestuari: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Coproducció: Temporada Alta 2015 i Ajuntament de Celrà

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