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L'habitació blava

Norbert Martínez / David Selvas
David Hare
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 03 November, 21:00

31€ (25,62 + 5,38 IVA)
22,50€ (18,60 + 3,90 IVA)
16,50€ (13,64 + 2,86 IVA)
9€ (7,44 + 1,56 IVA)

Duration1h 40min

Nao Albet, Àurea Márquez, Maria Rodríguez and David Selvas star in the work by David Hare

David Hare’s radical drama details the sexual encounters, for one night, between men and women who long to share their fears and obsessions. David Selvas and Norbert Martínez, the directors, have opted to portray these scenes of sex and confession, holding nothing back.

Artistic information

  • Author: David Hare (Free adaptation by La Ronda by Arthur Schnitzler)
  • Translation: Cristina Genebat
  • Direction: Norbert Martínez and David Selvas
  • Cast: Nao Albet, Àurea Márquez, Maria Rodríguez, David Selvas
  • Set design: Max Glaenzel
  • Costume design: Maria Armengol
  • Light design: Mingo Albir
  • Sound and image: Mar Orfila
  • Sound: Ramon Ciércoles
  • Movement: Iva Horvat
  • Production: La Brutal


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