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Who is me. Pasolini -Poeta de las cenizas-

Àlex Rigola
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 02 December, 18:00
Friday, 02 December, 21:00
Saturday, 03 December, 19:00
Saturday, 03 December, 22:00
New performances
Sunday, 04 December, 12:00
Sunday, 04 December, 18:00

18 €

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Show in Spanish with surtitles in English

An approach to Pasolini by the scene director, Àlex Rigola

Àlex Rigola, new artistic director of Sala Verde de los Teatros del Canal, enters the turbulent universe of poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini, drawing on his posthumously published work, Poeta delle ceneri, “Poet of ashes.”

Artistic information


Idea, dramatúrgia i direcció: Àlex Rigola
Dramaturgista: Carlota Subirós
Autor: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Intèrpret: Gonzalo Cunill


Espai escènic: Max Glaenzel
Vestuari: Silvia Delagneau
Distribució: Iva Horvath
Coproducció: Temporada Alta 2016, Heartbreak Hotel, Titus Andrònic S.L i Teatros del Canal

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