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El Florido Pensil - nenes (Teatre de Bescanó)

Andrés Sopeña
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 29 October, 18:00
New performances
Saturday, 29 October, 21:00

28 €

Duration1 h 30 min

Andrés Sopeña returns to the No-Do school after 20 years. A very fun, and now, female, review

El Florido Pensil, Andrés Sopeña’s ironic recreation of Spain’s authoritarian education system under Franco, was first staged in a celebrated theatrical adaptation in 1996. It returns to focus on the miseducation of girls in the postwar period.

Artistic information


Autor: Andrés Sopeña
Adaptació: Kiko Díaz de Rada
Direcció: Fernando Bernués i Mireia Gabilondo
Intèrprets: Victòria Pagès, Roser Batalla, Lloll Bertran, Isabel Rocatti, Mireia Portas


Espai escènic: Edi Naudó
Il·luminació: Ignasi Morros
Vestuari: Jordi Bulbena / Maria Araujo
Producció: Anexa i Tanttaka Teatroa

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