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Concerts per a nadons

Suite núm. 1
Els batecs del cargol
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 22 October, 10:30
Saturday, 22 October, 12:00
Saturday, 22 October, 16:30
Sunday, 23 October, 10:30
Sunday, 23 October, 12:00
Sunday, 23 October, 16:30

10 €

Duration45 min

Recommended for children from 0 to 3 years old


A musical and dance performance for children up to age 3

It is a music and dance show aimed at children up to 3 years old which demonstrates that sound can also be seen and touched. A project, which in Catalonia was promoted from the start by Temporada Alta, that aims to facilitate the shared enjoyment of music between the young and old.

Artistic information


Consultor artístic: Paulo Lameiro
Direcció artística i musical: Carles Pedragosa
Dramatúrgia: Jordi Oriol
Intèrprets: Laura Codina (flauta travessera), Carles Pedragosa (acordió), Queralt Prats/Nina Sunyer (violes), Alba Pujol / Mireia Aguiar (veu, ukelele i percussió), Jordi Santanach (clarinet baix)


Coreografia i moviment: Antonio Izquierdo i Neus Masó
Música: Carles Pedragosa, Jordi Santanach, Queralt Prats, Alba Pujol
Il·luminació: Pep Arumí
Vestuari: Sílvia Delagneau
Producció: Temporada Alta


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