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Non solum (Fornells de la Selva)

Sergi López
Jorge Picó
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 03 December, 21:00

28, 18 €

Duration1 h

The great success of Sergi López; one of Catalan theatre’s most acclaimed performances

Non solum is one of the most celebrated solo pieces in Catalan theatre. An existential comedy performed by Sergi López, which has toured the world for over ten years.

Artistic information

Autors: Jorge Picó i Sergi López
Direcció: Jorge Picó
Intèrpret: Sergi López


Música: Bernardo Sandoval
Il·luminació: Lyonel Spycher
Coproducció: Setze fetge associats, s.l., Ring de Teatro i Temporada Alta

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