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Heroïnes i herois de William Shakespeare

Salvador Oliva
Sergi Mateu, Bernat Quintana, Gemma Reguant
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 02 November, 21:00
New performances
Friday, 02 November, 18:00

6,50€ (5,37 + 1,13 IVA)

Duration1h 15min

Classic texts by Shakespeare translated by Salvador Oliva and interpreted by Sergi Mateu, Bernat Quintana and Gemma Reguant

For an actor, a text is like music that is open to interpretation, much in the same way that a musician must also interpret a particular piece of sheet music. Heroïnes i herois de W. Shakespeare is a textual concert, based on an anthology put together by Salvador Oliva, with actors Sergi Mateu, Bernat Quintana and Gemma Reguant.

Artistic information

  • Translation and diction: Salvador Oliva
  • Direction: Shared
  • Cast: Sergi Mateu, Bernat Quintana and Gemma Reguant
  • Production: Bardòlatres and Temporada Alta 2012
  • Thanks: AISGE, Paco Azorín, Coralina Colom i Mercè Mas


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