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La pols

Llàtzer Garcia
Show completed
Date and time
Tuesday, 08 November, 22:00

7 €

Duration1 h 30 min
Film in catalan with Spanish and English subtitles

The cinematographic adaptation of the theatrical work written and directed by Llàtzer Garcia

The father of Jacob and Ruth has died. Shortly after receiving the news, Jacob forgets about it completely. Neither does he remember when his sister, who knows nothing, comes home. La Pols is a sharp and powerful family drama that will surprise everyone.

Artistic information


Idea original: Llàtzer Garcia
Director: Llàtzer Garcia
Guió: Llàtzer Garcia
Intèrprets: Guillem Motos, Laura López, Marta Aran


Música: The New Raemon
Fotografia: Paco Amate
Muntatge: Judith Miralles
So: Pablo Yrazu
Direcció artística: Ivet Dinarès
Vestuari: Vera Moles
Producció: Astrolabi Films

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