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Barcelona -Contra la paret-

Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 06 November, 18:00

6 €

Duration1 h 20 min
Show in Catalan and Spanish

A performance straddling the worlds of documentary and fiction

Barcelona, even though it wishes to be a standard bearer in the defence of human rights, is full of contrasts. The show, which straddles documentary and fiction, aims to raise its voice against the silence and the abuse of power through the story of three characters and a city.

Artistic information


Dramatúrgia i direcció: Lali Álvarez Garriga
Intèrprets: Clara Garcés, David Teixidó i Sònia Espinosa


Il·luminació: Núria Solina
So: Pau Matas
Producció: LaPùblica

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