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Dead Slow Ahead

Mauro Herce
Show completed
Date and time
Tuesday, 25 October, 22:00

7 €

Duration1 h 20 min
Film in English with Catalan subtitles

The first documental opera by the Barcelona talent, Mauro Herce

A cargo ship crosses the ocean. It might seem like a documentary about the lives of the sailors on the voyage but goes further: the camera goes deep into the vessel and turns it into an hallucination that traps and mesmerises the viewer.

Artistic information


Direcció: Mauro Herce
Guió: Mauro Herce i Manuel Muñoz


Fotografia: Mauro Herce Mira
Muntatge: Manuel Muñoz
So: Alejandro Castillo, Manuel Muñoz, Carlos E.García, José M.Berenguer
Producció: El Viaje Films, Bocalupo Films, Nanouk Films

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