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La propera pell

Isaki Lacuesta i Isa Campo
Show completed
Date and time
Tuesday, 18 October, 22:00

7 €

Duration1 h 53 min

Emma Suárez and Àlex Monner sot to the lead of Isaki Lacuesta speaking about adolescence

La Propera Pell, co-directed by Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo and starring Emma Suárez and Alex Monner, starts out as a family melodrama with touches of suspense but turns into a brilliant portrait of an isolated community.

Artistic information


Direcció: Isaki Lacuesta i Isa Campo
Guió: Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta i Fran Araújo
Intèrprets: Àlex Monner, Emma Suárez, Sergi López, Bruno Todeschini, Igor Szakowski


Fotografia: Diego Dussuel
Direcció artística: Roger Bellés
Producció: Corte y Confección de Películas, Sentido Films, La Termita Films, Bord Cadre Films

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