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Veracruz, nos estamos desforestando o cómo extrañar Xalapa

Lagartijas tiradas al sol
Show completed
Date and time
Wednesday, 12 October, 12:00

18 €

Paquet Lagartijas: 36 € 

Duration1 h
Show in Spanish

A conference – performance by Luisa Pardo about a state governed by an alliance between politicians and drug dealers.

Veracruz is a Mexican state dominated and shaken by an alliance of drug cartels and politicians. Lagartijas tiradas al sol, past masters of bringing reality to the stage, continue their unflattering portrait of Mexican democracy.


Artistic information


Conferència de: Luisa Pardo (basada en entrevistes i recerca d’arxiu)
Producció: Lagartijas tiradas al sol

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