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El testament de la rosa

Agustí Villaronga
Show completed
Date and time
Tuesday, 04 October, 22:00

7 €

Duration2 h

A serious and emotional homage to Rosa Novell by Villaronga

Shortly before starting to rehearse El testamento de María, an advanced stage cancer was detected in Rosa Novell. Despite losing her sight, the actress and the director Augustí Virallonga decided to record fragments of the work. The result: the true testament of an incomparable actress.

Artistic information


Direcció: Agustí Villaronga
Guió: Agustí Villaronga
Intèrprets: Rosa Novell, Cesca Piñón, Eduardo Mendoza


Veu: Rosa Novell
Música: JGR. Marcus
Fotografia: Josep Maria Civit
Muntatge: Raúl Román
So: Albert Royo
Producció: Isona Passola Javier Pérez Santana

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