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Migranland (the film)

Salvador Sunyer Vidal
Àlex Rigola
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 17 October, 21:00



A documentary on the Migranland project – directed by Àlex Rigola - who came to Temporada Alta 2014

Two years ago, the Catalan director Àlex Rigola, took us on a different kind of bus trip. Migranland, a performance produced by the Obra Social "la Caixa" and shown at TA 2013, was a direct, close and intense way of approaching the social reality of Salt, a true and experienced story. For many of the people who saw the show live, that trip was a real lesson in life. A documentary, produced by Obra Social "la Caixa" was made about that experience in Salt. And this year there  will be a free, projection of the documentary on the street open to everyone. But the documentary isn’t finished yet; it is a work in progress that, in its final version, will incorporate this new phase in Salt with everyone who comes to see the screening.

Artistic information

Documentary direction: Salvador Sunyer Vidal

Direction of the show: Àlex Rigola

Cast: Wafae Zrakti, Fatoumatta Sinera, Ibrahima Ba, Josep MbAppe Koumatobo, Balla Moussa Dieng, Isatou Sanneh, Ibrahima Sabaly, Doris Pérez, Majda Banani, Ibra Sembene Gueye, Sira Kande Diamanka, Ahmed Achouih, Alassane Diop, Xavier Valentí and Georgina Asin.

Special participation: El Cor Àkan de l’Asso ciació Àkan.


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