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Let's play?

Thaïs Botinas
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 12 October, 20:00
Friday, 12 October, 20:30
Friday, 12 October, 21:00
Friday, 12 October, 21:30
Friday, 12 October, 22:00
Friday, 12 October, 22:30
Saturday, 13 October, 20:00
Saturday, 13 October, 20:30
Saturday, 13 October, 21:00
Saturday, 13 October, 21:30
Saturday, 13 October, 22:00
Saturday, 13 October, 22:30

9€ (7,44 + 1,56 IVA)


The scenic features of this show are not recommended for people with reduced mobility


Reborn without an instrucion manual

Let’s Play?, Reborn without an instruction manual, is an interactive tour in which the spectator is the protagonist and their decisions are used to create the story. The audience embarks upon a visual journey of the senses which makes them ask questions of themselves, exploring the behavioural codes and limits that we have created as a society.

Artistic information

  • Creator and director: Thaïs Botinas
  • Cast: Marga Socias, Júlia Falgàs, Sandro Bedini,n Thaïs Botinas, Anna Casas, Marc Coloreu and Thor Alesanco
  • Technical director: Gabriel Hernández
  • Music, sound and sensors: Julià Carboneras
  • Fragrance: Nelson Jara
  • Sculpture: Manolo Sierra
  • Set design: Sandro Bedini
  • Communication: Neus Oriol
  • Production: Qualia
  • Co-production: OSIC i L’animal a l’esquena


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