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Los exiliados románticos

Jonás Trueba
Show completed
Premiere in Catalonia
Date and time
Tuesday, 13 October, 22:00


Film in Spanish

The young filmmaker from the Trueba clan tells the story of three friends in a van travelling from Madrid to Paris

The story of a long trek, in search of no one knows exactly what, which is the most important: 12,000 km is nothing. In the film, the young director of the Trueba clan presents us with three friends who, without apparent reason, take the van of a friend of the mother of one of them and set off from Madrid to Paris. Idyllic relationships, utopian or illusory feelings (it’s no coincidence that the film is made by ‘Los ilusos films’), demonstrated here in a journey in search of the surprise and the fight to continue feeling alive. 

Artistic information

Direction: Jonás Trueba
Cast: Vito Sanz, Francesco Carril, Lluis E. Parés, Renata Antonante, Isabelle Stoffel, Miren Iza,Vahina Giocante
Songs: Tulsa
Production: Javier Lafuente
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