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Bag lady

Malgosia Szkandera
Urban Research Theater
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 25 October, 12:00


Duration45 min
Show almost without text

Reccomended for ages from 9 years


A show by Malgosia Szkandera that plays with everyday objects and fills them with life

In this piece, plastic bags go through a constant process of transformation. Bag Lady inflates and brings life to these everyday objects. In a dialogue with her body, the performer transforms the bags into the most unexpected characters. The protagonist gives birth to one baby after another, while she explains, without words, stories about her life with just the accompaniment of music.
An educational lesson; taking advantage of such a poor material as this (a simple piece of rubbish) and transforming it into poetry, outlines of stories, material of dreams, in a visual game with seductive, narrative.The whole show exudes joy, sadness and a capacity for play. The Bag Lady Theatre plays with the limits between theatre with objects and puppets.

Artistic information

Direction: Jean Louis Danvoye

Creation and cast: Malgosia Szkandera

Director's assistant: Nick Lehane

Lighting design: Miguel Ángel G. Rosa

Production: Urban Research Theater, Ana Szkandera

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