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W. W. (We Women)

Sol Picó
Show completed
Date and time
Monday, 07 December, 21:00

36€/ 22€/ 12€

Duration1h 15min
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Sol Picó reflects on the world of women accompanied by Julie Dossavi, Minako Seki and Shantala Shivalingappa

The celebrated dancer and choreographer Sol Picó asked artists from all over the world to reflect on the role of women in global society. The result is a cocktail that mixes modernity with tradition, critique and lyricism.

Artistic information

Direction: Sol Picó

Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini

Directors assistant: Verónica Cendoya

Composition and coreographic interpretation: Julie Dossavi, Minako Seki, Shantala Shivalingappa and Sol Picó

Composition and musical interpretation: Adele Madau, Lina León and Marta Robles

Scenery: Joan Manrique

Lighting: Sylvia Kuchinow

Sound design: Stéphane Carteaux

Executive production: Pia Mazuela, Núria Aguiló Sol

Production: Grec 2015 Festival de Barcelona, Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires and Cia Sol Picó

With the collaboration of: Institut Ramon Llull

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