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Mentidera teatre
Rosa M. Sardà, Carol López, Matías Feldman, Jaume Policarpo
Show completed
Date and time
Thursday, 11 October, 22:00
Thursday, 18 October, 22:00
Thursday, 25 October, 22:00

18€ (14,88 + 3,12 IVA)

Duration1h 30min (approx.)

Another way to confront the crisis

How to be happy in times of global crisis: Mgogoro, an innovative experience delivered by Mentidera Teatre demonstrates the answer. A bedroom or garage is used to stage short monologues or dialogues, representing a hymn to life, and optimism, delivering theatre based on contemporary text to the audience.

Artistic information

  • Authors: Matías Feldman, Carol López, Jaume Policarpo and Rosa M. Sardà
  • Collective direction: Mentidera Teatre
  • Cast: Cristina Cervià, David Planas, Mercè Pons and Meritxell Yanes
  • Assistant director: David Marcé
  • Joint direction: Carol López and Rosa M. Sardà
  • Performacne scene adaptation and  costume: Judith Torres
  • Production: Mentidera Teatre, El Canal Centre d’arts escèniques Salt-Girona


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