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Lluís Danés
Bikimel - Xavier Lloses - Josep Pedrals
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 27 November, 21:00

28€/ 18€


A visual theatre show with live music (Bikimel and Xavier Lloses) and the poetry of Joseph Pedrals

Another magical universe created by Catalan producer, theatre director and stage designer Lluís Danés, another monument to the memory of our daily shipwrecks in the sea of time. This time with puppets, the words of Catalan poet Pedrals and the voice of the singer-songwriter Bikimel.

Artistic information

Dramaturgy, direction and Scenic space: Lluís Danés

Lyrics: Josep Pedrals

Direction and musical cast: Xavi Lloses

Voice: Bikimel

Manipulation of the puppets: Dora Cantero, Anna Marín

Construction of the puppets: Martí Doy

Atrezzo: Laura Galofré

Costumes design: Rosa Solé

Lighting: Joan Teixidó

Production manager: Sandra Danés

Executive production: Sara Tibau

Production: Santa Mandra, Mercat de les Flors and Temporada Alta 2015


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