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La banda de la fi del món

Los corderos - Miss Q
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 20 November, 19:00

22€/ 12€

Show in Spanish with english surtitles
2015 join forces for the first time with a woman, the Danish musician Miss Q

A blend of words made physical and actions charged with in-tent, the bastardised theatre of for the first time incorporates a woman, Danish musician Pia Mielsen, Miss Q, who is as unorthodox as they are.

Artistic information


Creation and cast: David Climent and Pablo Molinero ( and Pia Nielsen 

(Miss Q)

Sound space: Miss Q


Executive production: Pilar López

Production: Temporada Alta 2015,

With the collaboration of: L’animal a l’esquena and  L'Ajuntament de Celrà, El Graner


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