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De Martí Torras i Joan Montanyès
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 14 November, 21:00


Duration1h 30min

Show for all audiences dedicated in memory of Joan Montanyès, Monti.


A fun, emotive show about a company of clowns by way of a homage to John "Monti" Montanyès

Monti & Co. present an unfinished show by the late clown Joan Montanyès - ‘Monti’ - an hilarious homage that centres on a troupe of clowns in a state of upheaval: they have two many white face clowns, and are short of a red nose.

Artistic information

Direction: Martí Torras Mayneris

Dramaturgy: Martí Torras Mayneris, Joan Montanyès Martínez and Monti & Cia.

Musical direction: Pep Pascual

Cast: Jordi Martínez, Joan Arqué, Pep Pascual, Roger Julià and Guillem Albà

Costumes design: Rosa Solé

Scenery: Sarah Bernardy and Martí Torras

Lighting: Quico Gutiérrez

Sound: Ramon Ciercoles

Characterization: Toni Santos

Technical boss: Xavi Xipell (Xipi)

Production: Rhum & Cia., Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona and Velvet Events

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