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Només són dones

Carme Portaceli
Carmen Domingo
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 13 November, 21:00

28€ / 18€

Duration1h 20min (aprox)

Míriam Iscla, Sol Picó and Maika Makovski under Carme Portaceli’s direction

Taking five characters, political prisoners under Franco’s dictatorship, jailed for their allegiances during the Republican period, director Carme Portaceli prompts us to think about the invisibility of women and historical memory.

Artistic information

By Carmen Domingo

Direction: Carme Portaceli

Cast: Míriam Iscla, Sol Picó, Maika Makovski

Original Music: Maika Makovski

Coreography: Sol Picó

Scenic Space: Paco Azorín

Costumes design: Antonio Belart

Lighting design: Miguel Muñoz

Sound design: Efrén Bellostes

Audiovisual direction: Lala Gomà

Production: FEI Factoria Escènica Internacional

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