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Patetisme il·lustrat

Carles Santos
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 13 November, 21:00

28 €


Carlos Santos again released a provocative show at the Festival , with the deconstruction of the instrument as a starting point

The long-awaited return of Carles Santos, one of the most un-classifiable creators on the Catalan scene, who revisits what is probably the greatest of his many artistic obsessions, the piano.

Artistic information

Direction: Carles Santos

Cast: Carles Santos, Mónica López (actriz), Núria Andorrà (percusión) y Dory Sanchez (bailarina)

Direction assistant: Anna Llopart

Scenary and  y costume design: Montse Amenós

Lighting: Samantha Lee

Sound: Damien Bazin

Production: Temporada Alta 2015 and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC)

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