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Está escrita en sus campos

Lagartijas tiradas al sol
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Friday, 16 October, 21:00


Duration1h 30min
Show in spanish

This Mexican company speaks about the history of the Mexican drug trade in its own contemporary language

The revolutionary documentary theatre company Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol takes on the history of the drug trade in Mexico, seen through the life of El Tigre, a rapper and small-time drug dealer.

Artistic information

By Francisco Barreiro

Direction, dramaturgy and cast: Francisco Barreiro

Video, animation and lsadora: Carlos Gamboa with the collaboration of Esteban Azuela

Lighting: Marcela Flores, Sergio López Vigueras and Juan Pablo Avendaño

Songs: El Tigre

Creative consultancy: Luisa Pardo, Gabino Rodríguez, David Gaitán and Anabella Pareja

Tools and art: Gabriela Sánchez

Audio: Mauricio Villalba

Production: Lagartijas tiradas al sol

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