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Adrià Puntí

La clau de girar el taller
Josep Puntí
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 17 October, 21:00



The local artist from Girona premiers his latest disc La clau de girar el taller

After his concert last year with the Band Bang Bang, inspired and unorthodox singer Adrià Puntí returns to Temporada Alta. The former frontman of Umpah-Pah present his vast range of styles in Girona once again.

Artistic information

Direction: Josep Puntí

Cast: Adrià Puntí (voice, piano, acoustic guitar and electric guitar), Lluís Costa (electric guitar and chorus), Pedrito Martinez (bass guitar and double bass), Toni Molina (drums, percussion and chorus) and Adrià Bauzó (tenor, saxophone baritone, flute)

Musical Selection: Dj Lavern

Lighting: Romina Gabrieli

Production: Puntí - The Project

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