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Rocío Molina i Rosario
Show completed
Date and time
Monday, 12 October, 18:00


Duration1h 15min
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Contemporary Flamenco, dancing and singing by Rocío Molina and Rosario La Tremendita

Flamenco 'bailaora' Rocío Molina and 'cantaora' Rosario La Tremendita find their most authentic selves at the extremes of vulnerability, pleasure, fragility and even imperfection. Afectos explores expressive registers.

Artistic information

Original idea: Rocío Molina and Rosario La Tremendita

Original music: Rosario La Tremendita and Pablo Martín

Coreography: Rocío Molina

Cast: Rocío Molina (dancer), Rosario La Tremendita (singer and guitarist), Pablo Martín (double bass player and loops)

Dramaturgy, scenery and lighting: Carlos Marquerie

Costumes design: Mai Canto

Sound: Javier Álvarez y Pablo Martín

With the collaboration of: INAEM

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