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Toni Gomila
Produccions de Ferro
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 04 October, 18:00



Toni Gomila explains how a word like “Acorar” – “to reach your heart”, can define a people

In this one-handed monologue, traditional Majorcan life bleeds to death like a pig on the day of the matança. Majorcan actor Toni Gomila draws on the verb acorar - to stab in the heart - to refer to the collective memory that disappears along with words.

Artistic information

By Toni Gomila

Stage Direction: Rafel Duran

Cast: Toni Gomila

Lighting, sound, scenic space and costume design: Rafel Lladó

Voiceover: Antònia Jaume i Miquel Torrents

Video recordings: Jaume Miralles

Production: Produccions de Ferro

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