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La banda del Teflón

Cascai Teatre
Marcel Tomàs
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 17 October, 21:00
Sunday, 18 October, 18:00


Duration1h 10min

Surrealist humour from the Cascai Teatre company. The latest show by these unclassifiable modern clowns

Touches of surrealist humour fused with physical theatre, video, music and mad ideas. Everyday anti-heroes, modern clowns without red noses, who can still make us laugh with the crazy comedy routines we know and love.

Artistic information

Original idea: Marcel Tomàs and Susana Lloret

Direction: Marcel Tomàs

Cast: Marcel Tomàs, Toni Escribano and Mariona Ponsatí

Lighting: Pere Russinyol

Audiovisual: Zinekuanon

Scenery: Manuela Amazon

Costumes: Jean Pierre Belmondo

Production: Susana Lloret

Composition and musical arrangments: Carles Serras (Mr. Mit) and Pere Vigatà (Vigatà Studios)

Production: Cascai Teatre

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