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Cerimònia del foc

Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 02 October, 20:30
Saturday, 03 October, 20:30
Duration1h 30 min
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Opening show


A route through the historic part of Girona with fire, light and music

To inaugurate the festival, Carabosse installs his vision of fire and music in Girona’s historic centre, casting a poetic and magical halo around the city’s heritage, lit by the flaming torches of the imagination.

Artistic information

Direction: Cie Carabosse

Co-direction: Nadie GuinefoleauChristophe PrenveilleJean-Marie Proust

With the collaboration of: Yuka Jimenez

Sporadic collaborations according to the cities: Stéphane Abrioux, Jérôme Aubrun, Christophe Bricheteau, Manu Cottin, Gérard Court, Christian Cuomo, Richard Fouillet, Bruno Gastao, Mathieu Laville

Administration and broadcasting: Gwenaëlle Morin-Ramaroson and Florence Ayrault

Accounting: Patricia Klein

Touring production: Lise Burgermeister


Temporada Alta ang Cie Carabosse

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