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V Torneig de dramatúrgia catalana

Show completed
Date and time
Monday, 05 October, 20:00
Tuesday, 13 October, 20:00
Monday, 19 October, 20:00
Monday, 02 November, 20:00
Monday, 09 November, 20:00
Monday, 16 November, 20:00
Monday, 30 November, 20:00


Duration1h 30min

Aleix Aguilà, Gemma Brió, Clàudia Cedó, Cristina Genebat, Ramon Madaula, Sergi Pompermayer, Alberto Ramos and Estel Solé

The playwrights’ tournament enters its 5th year: half a decade of word battles between colleagues who share a trade and a vocation. Enthusiastic audiences referee the matches, comparing performances from the stalls and choosing the most skilful contender of the day in each combat.

Artistic information

Presenter: Cristina Clemente

Participants playwrights: Aleix Aguilà, Gemma Brió, Clàudia Cedó, Alberto Ramos, Cristina Genebat, Ramon Madaula, Sergi Pompermayer and Estel Solé



Monday 5th of  October at 20 h: Ramon Madaula vs. Cristina Genebat
Tuesday 13th of October at 20 h: Estel Solé vs. Gemma Brió
Monday 19th of October at 20 h: Aleix Aguilà vs Sergi Pompermayer
Monday 2nd of November at 20 h: Alberto Ramos vs. Clàudia Cedó 
Monday 9th of November at 20 h 
Monday 16th of November at 20 h 
Great Final 
Monday 30th of November at 20 h


Production: Temporada Alta 2015


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