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Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente

Xavier Bobés
Show completed
Date and time
Thursday, 05 November, 21:00
Friday, 06 November, 18:00
Friday, 06 November, 21:00
Saturday, 07 November, 12:00
Saturday, 07 November, 18:00
Saturday, 07 November, 21:00
Sunday, 08 November, 12:00
Sunday, 08 November, 18:00
Thursday, 12 November, 21:00
Friday, 13 November, 18:00
Friday, 13 November, 21:00
Saturday, 14 November, 12:00
Saturday, 14 November, 18:00
Saturday, 14 November, 21:00
Sunday, 15 November, 12:00
Sunday, 15 November, 18:00
New performances
Saturday, 21 November, 18:00
Saturday, 21 November, 21:00


Duration1h 15min
Show almost without text

Very close-up object theatre with tremendous expressive force by Xavier Bobés, for a maximum of five audience members

Memory is a skilled craftswoman, who patches up holes in time. Aware of forgetfulness and invention, with his minimal and delicate theatre of objects, Bobés explores the emotional echo of things, our chests of memories.

Artistic information

Creation, direction and cast: Xavier Bobés

Costumes design: Antonio Rodríguez

Production: Xavier Bobés and Festival TNT. Terrassa Noves Tendències

Collaboration: L’Animal a l’Esquena

With thanks to: Chocolates y Bombones ecológicos Gluki and the Rellotgeria de Girona

Xavier Bobés is a resident artist of the company L’animal a l’esquena

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