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Biblioteca de cuerdas y nudos (Library of strings and knots)

José Antonio Portillo
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 05 December, 18:00
Sunday, 06 December, 12:00
Sunday, 06 December, 17:00
Monday, 07 December, 18:00
Tuesday, 08 December, 12:00
Tuesday, 08 December, 16:00
Tuesday, 08 December, 18:00


Show in Spanish

Show recommended for children from 6 to 12 years


A mysterious travelling library by José Antonio Portillo has a great number of surprises in store for you in a very special setting

The stories in this library are a set of knots with which someone has tied together the things they care about, like someone who puts a message in a bottle because they want it to reach us. Tubes stuffed with parchment and string, a collection of unpublished manuscripts that cannot be anywhere else or a pile of crumpled papers that had been thrown away and that someone has rescued. This is the mysterious travelling library of Jose Antonio Portillo.
By nature, children often draw maps as a game and they are collectors of useless items; so that is what we have here, as if we were entering a secret basement and we discovered piles of bundles of old manuscripts that tell the story of who we are: cartographers, storytellers, scenographers of illusion. Sensitive and emotive, the show has been a success in some of the major festivals and theatres in Europe (the CCB in Lisbon, the Theater Hetpalais Antwerpen, the Teatre Lliure Barcelona etc.).

Artistic information

By José Antonio Portillo

Dirección y narrador: José Antonio Portillo

Música: SordoMondo (Nuria Aparici, Joaquín Pinilla and Jorge Aparici)

Scenary and objects: José Antonio Portillo

Scenary direction: Theater Hetpalais, Antwerpen (Belgium)

Lighting: Xavi Prieto

Collaboration: CCB de Lisboa (Percursos 2002-2004), Theater Hetpalais Antwerpen

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