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73 raons per deixar-te

Guillem Clua - Jordi Cornudella
Elisenda Roca
Show completed
Date and time
Thursday, 08 October, 21:00
New performances
Friday, 09 October, 21:00

36€/ 22€/ 12€

Duration2h (approx.)

Elisenda Roca directs this musical by Guillem Clua and Jordi Cornudella

A romantic comedy that treats love as a tale with a sellby date: it either transforms itself or dies. Clua, one of the most innovative and versatile young Catalan playwrights, turns being dumped into a musical.

Artistic information

By Guillem Clua and Jordi Cornudella

Direction: Elisenda Roca

BookletGuillem Clua

Music: Jordi Cornudella

Musical Direction: Andreu Gallén

Cast: Abel Folk, Mercè Martínez, Mone Teruel i Marc Pujol

Production: Focus, Bitò Produccions

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