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Allegro (Torroella)

Paco Mir
Cor de Teatre
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 10 October, 21:00

22€/ 18€

Duration1h 15min
Show almost without text

Show for all audiences


Cor de Teatre returns to Temporada Alta under the direction of Paco Mir (El Tricicle)

Allegro, a vision of everybody’s relationship with the musical universe that surrounds them: fourteen a ‘cappella’ singers on a vertiginous journey that explores the boundaries between the greats of classical music and the most sophisticated visual humour.

Artistic information

Stage direction and dramaturgy: Paco Mir

Musical direction: David Costa

Arrangements: Pere-Mateu Xiberta

Cast: Cor de Teatre

Scenery and costumes design:  Pep Oliver (Zer0quatre)

Lighting: Lluís Martí

Sound: Jordi Bonet and Joan-Carles Ros

Production: SOMFÒNICS 

Coproduction: Temporada Alta 2014

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